Check out this review of the Horsepower Album by some brothers and sisters across the water.....


These guys are unreconstructed Southern Rockers. By that I mean they embrace a lot of country themes, like drinking, pickup trucks, Hellraisin' and guns, but they express it in '70s colors. In other words picture going to an arena show with Lynard Skynard (before the plane crash), Molly Hatchet, Deep Purple, ZZ Top and Hank Williams Jr. RRR would fit right in on that bill.
The title track is a cool Purplish rocker, "Flirty Flirty" is birds & bees advice (!) "Prelude" is a nice short space jam, "Baby Girl" is about a daddy seeking the abusive boyfriend of his daughter. "One More Ride" is my favorite, a tasty, smoky blues as good as anything ZZ Top has done. There are 5 more songs just as good. The recording and mastering is pro all the way. Shane is a good songwriter, who has studied his genre well.
The musicianship is top shelf, Ryan Connors is the perfect guitarist for this band, and knows how to accent what Shane has to say. Brock Manly lays down the beat without over complicating things, and Goz weaves his bass around it like a snake.
If you're politically correct or sensitive, pass this one up. If you're not, pour yourself some Jack, call some like-minded friends, and do a little Hellraisin' !

- Kris Webber  Voice over artist and music professional


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